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To preserve, educate and share visual media related to the military service of the Vought Corsair.

The Corsair Experience

Looking for "The Corsair Experience?" The 4 DVD set is currently out of production and there are no plans for reissue at this time. Thank you all for those who supported the project as it was definately an "Experience" we will always cherish. Visit the E Fighter Productions link at the left to view some of our memories during production. Plans are to have it on this site as a webcast in the future.

New and Improved

I finally, FINALLY have got off my duff and started making this site what I orginally intended. Many changes are on the way! I will try to incorporate some of the things from the previous site while improving them at the same time. Major overhauls of the "Living Legends" as well as adding a couple new sections as well like Theater Maps.

What we are - and aren't

There are plenty of sites out there that are an outlet for air-show pictures and videos - this is not one of them. We enjoy airshows and the videos and pictures created from them but this site is dedicated to the American Military service of the F4U Corsair and the men and women that built, serviced and flew them. You will find Marine and Navy Archive photos, videos as well as photos donated to this site by fellow Corsair enthusiasts just like you. So enjoy, learn and preserve.


I can tell you we had a 1st Lt, in the squadron who spoke Japanese having been raised in the "Orient", There were a lot of obscenitys placed in various places...particularly the nose areas of the aircraft. One that I think I remember was..A Japanese phrase...."Kataii Unko".....It means exactly what you think, The first word starts with "F" Vic was our man who did this for us. He just died a few weeks ago. He was 92. His Name was Brigadier Gen. Victor A. Armstrong. It was a great aircraft and a pleasure to fly... but you could never lose respect for it. It had its ways to get you if you lost that respect. VMF 312. - Major Ernie Southerland USMCR'

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Sample footage used in "The Corsair Experience."


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